Best & Worst of 2009

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Dec. 28, 2009 12:00 am  

Best Anonymous Act of Kindness

An article in Arkansas Business that profiled the Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Initiative at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences revealed that the hospital had raised only $150,000 of its $500,000 budget. Shortly after the article appeared, the hospital received an anonymous $250,000 matching grant, and the center was therefore able to open on schedule.


Worst Victim Lineup

Among the Arkansas investors who lost millions after investing in Regions Morgan Keegan "high-yield" bond funds were a Boy Scouts Council, a church and an 87-year-old veteran of the Battle of Okinawa.


Best Mea Culpa

In October, former Bureau of Prisons resident Warren Overton wrote a guest commentary for Arkansas Business in which he said, "When you do the wrong thing, it will haunt you. Karma is real and has a memory like an elephant. You can't ever make wrong right."


Worst CFO

ThermoEnergy Corp. is blaming some of its financial troubles on its former CFO, Andrew T. Melton. The wastewater treatment company, which has struggled since its inception in 1988 to make a profit, discovered in an audit that Melton had somehow failed to file payroll taxes since mid-2005. At the end of June, the company owed more than $4.4 million in back taxes, penalties and interest. Melton left the company in August.




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