Bravo Offers Insurance Help for Small Businesses

by John Henry  on Monday, Oct. 12, 2009 12:00 am  

Bravo has been holding informational meetings all over the state recently to market its benefits.

Employers must maintain fewer than 199 eligible employees and must agree not to obtain or sponsor any other health benefits plan on behalf of any eligible employees and their dependents.

Employers must be in good standing with their member associations, and those member associations must be in good standing with ASAE to be eligible for participation.

Participating associations must have paid the onetime $250 participation fee for the association employer members to have access to Bravo. QualChoice will pay participating associations $2 per employee per month as a reward for their participation.

Although Bravo is partnered with Stephens Insurance, other independent insurance agents can also sell Bravo plans to their clients.

Other non-HIPG plans will be available through Stephens Insurance, such as dental/vision coverage (Delta Dental) and life/disability coverage (Unum).

To enjoy the maximum pricing benefits, Bravo requires employers to pay more of the employees' premiums than the minimum required by state law, but not as much as it used to. As of Nov. 1, an employer must contribute 75 percent of the employee's monthly premium of the lowest priced plan offered. Previously, the requirement was 100 percent.

Another change is that 90 percent of eligible employees must be enrolled in the plan; it used to be 100 percent.

An employer who falls below the two required levels but still meets QualChoice's standard plan participation and contribution rules may still be eligible for Bravo.

Some of the highlights of the benefits include:

● Choice of deductibles ($500 up to $10,000) and out-of-pocket maximums.

● Multiple plans may be offered to one employer group.

● Pre-existing conditions waived with proof and acceptance of prior coverage.

● Choice of two prescription drug cards.

● Office visit co-pays of $20 for primary care and $35 for specialists



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