UPDATE 2: Communications Group, Ramey Make Lottery Ad Pitches

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2009 11:47 am  

Rex Nelson of The Communications Group

The Ramey Group of Jackson, Miss. and Little Rock's The Communications Group were the only agencies to make presentations before the Arkansass Lottery Commission on Tuesday for the lottery advertising contract.

Both groups plan to use a diamond in marketing the lottery, and both proposed $1 million launches. Ramey kicked things off. Its $1 million launch would entail $750,000 for media, $100,000 for production, and $150,000 for creative/account management.

Former Sells Clark executive Brian Clark currently is Ramey's only Little Rock employee. Ramey is owned by Little Rock's Stephens Inc. Ramey would team on the lottery account with Advantage Communications of Little Rock. Joining Ramey officials from Jackson for the pitch was Advantage CEO Michael Steele.

Ramey officials told commissioners the target audience for scratch-off tickets would be 54 percent black, ages 25 to 54, with low to moderate incomes, and that the target audience for online games would be not as heavily black and more affluent.

Commissioners questioned Ramey's effectiveness with only a one-man office in Little Rock, and were told that resources would be moved to Little Rock as needed.

Capitalizing on Arkansas' status as the only diamond-producer in North America, Ramey proposed the use of a diamond in its marketing plan with a suggested tagline of "Digging for diamonds the easy way." In addition, Ramey would utilize digital billboards to count down the lottery launch.

The Communications Group, led by senior vice president Rex Nelson, billed itself as the "only full service agency here today," and also proposed the use of a diamond in lottery marketing. Its diamond logo would mimmick the diamond emblem in the state flag but would include an "A" in the middle.

Its media buy would entail print and outdoor advertising, network and cable TV and radio. Ninety-five percent of the radio target audience would hear the lottery message 17 times over six weeks, officials said. The plan would include 10,284 cable spots and 8,064 radio spots with a target audience range of 25-54.

The Communications Group proposal would entail a $1 million launch as well and include a "midnight scratch-a-thon event" for the lottery launch modelled after Harry Potter book releases.

In addition, Communications Group officials told commissioners they could launch today. Its $1 million launch budget would entail $600,000 for media, $110,000 for outside production, $90,000 for account management, $75,000 for creative, $75,000 for promotion and $50,000 for premium items.



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