A Journalist in Every Room (Jeff Hankins Publisher's Note)

by Jeff Hankins  on Monday, Jun. 1, 2009 12:00 am  

The value, relevance and opportunities of social media and citizen journalism are clear to me. We at Arkansas Business are active participants in the phenomenon from every direction.

But as business people, we have to be keenly aware of the pitfalls. Leaks of confidential information and general marketing nightmares can develop and spread fast and freely. We already see this happening almost daily for politicians.

We're all living in a fishbowl for the world to see because it's not just mainstream journalists you have to worry about anymore. It's the Twitterer next to you at a restaurant, the blogger at the airport, the texting booster at your private athletic club meeting or the disgruntled former employee who just posted anonymously to a message board about the company layoffs.

And you thought staying out of our "Whispers" column was all you had to worry about.

(Jeff Hankins can be reached via e-mail at jhankins@abpg.com and followed on Twitter @JeffHankins.)



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