Life After Alltel: Businesses Rise From Ashes

by Jamie Walden  on Monday, May. 4, 2009 12:00 am  

Kevin Halpin, left, and Mike Stafford are using the skills they gained at Alltel to launch their own company, the Customer Experience Group.

Upper Right Leadership provides products and services focused on improving leadership skills and organizational efficiency, Mosley said. Such skills include assessments, business coaching, training and management consulting.

A new Little Rock law firm also has sprung from the Verizon deal.

When Gena Gregory, a VP in the legal department at Alltel, first got wind in June of the merger of Verizon and Alltel, her reflex was to prepare for what was next.

“I immediately just thought about making a plan. That was really my first thought. I’m really very practical and that was about as far as I thought [initially].”

She and Alltel colleague Elizabeth LaRue decided to leverage their experience in corporate litigation at Alltel to form their own firm, Gregory & LaRue PLLC.

“We are really focusing on business trial work and business law. And that’s our primary focus based on our experience [at Alltel], which I think gives us a different focus than other law firms.”

Greg Taylor, former director of the enterprise program management office at Alltel, is creating a consulting services company that focuses on project management.

At Alltel, Taylor shepherded “the high-dollar, high-complexity projects or those projects that crossed multiple functional boundaries,” he said.

“Like if it was an IT project that also had engineering aspects or a marketing project that needed IT and engineering and marketing stuff, we would pull all those people from across the company, build execution plans and then make sure it all happened.”

Though Taylor hasn’t decided on a name yet, he does know what the company will offer. Taylor will help companies design project management frameworks. He added that he would also teach companies how to manage a portfolio of multiple projects and teach them how to implement a concept called enterprise project management.

“When I left Alltel, I was in the enterprise project management group, and that is managing things from the top down, as opposed to the bottom up and then looking at it holistically across the entire enterprise.”

Taylor plans to use his knowledge of project management to build a business that will be able eventually to hire ex-Alltel employees who are out of work.



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