Arkansas Business' 25 Clintonites (25th Anniversary)

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Mar. 23, 2009 12:00 am  

Jones filed a federal lawsuit full of explicit details. The fomer denizen of Lonoke got the full media treatment. An ex-boyfriend sold Penthouse photos of her posing topless. Jones' family feuded over her truthfulness. It was a Jerry Springer show, except tawdrier.

In his deposition for the suit, Clinton was asked about his relationships with a number of women, including one Monica Lewinsky. He denied having sex with Lewinsky. This denial was the basis for Kenneth Starr's accusation that the president committed perjury. Impeachment followed.

Long, long, long story short: Before her sexual harassment suit went to trial, the judge ruled that Jones couldn't show that she'd been damaged and dismissed her lawsuit. Jones appealed to the 8th Circuit, but in November 1998, she agreed to settle her suit against Clinton for $850,000.

Where is she now? Press reports say she's planning to play herself in a movie about Clinton called "The Blue Dress."

10. William H. Kennedy III
Kennedy came from the Rose Law Firm to help his friends in Washington as associate White House counsel. It didn't take long for the Pine Bluff native to land in hot water.

In the spring of 1993, Kennedy went to the FBI, alleging financial improprieties at the White House travel office, leading to an FBI investigation. The administration then fired all seven employees - Travelgate was born.

Kennedy had sought to pressure the FBI, and Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty, then White House Chief of Staff, reprimanded Kennedy.

In early '94, Kennedy was blamed for a backlog in security clearances for administration officials. Then the press reported that Kennedy had failed to pay Social Security taxes for the family's nanny, waiting to make good once he thought he might be found out. He received a demotion. Also in 1994, Kennedy was in the middle of a bitter divorce. In November 1994, he resigned.

His troubles didn't end there. Like almost every other Arkansan, he was called to testify before the federal grand jury investigating Whitewater.

Kennedy returned to the Rose firm, but by 2006, he had joined Cooper Communities Inc. of Rogers as general counsel.

11. Bruce R. Lindsey
Bruce Lindsey has been described as Bill Clinton's "consigliere." It's a description he doesn't like - shades of "The Godfather" - but one we can't improve on.

Lindsey, a lawyer with Wright Lindsey & Jennings, is the keeper of secrets. He served his boss in Washington as senior adviser and, later, deputy counsel, though newspaper reports of the time often referred to him simply as "Clinton confidant." As counsel, he was in the middle of almost every presidential scandal, including Clinton's impeachment. Lindsey kept his cool despite the flurry of accusations, some of which were directed at him.



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