Arkansas Business' 25 Great Whispers (25th Anniversary)

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Mar. 23, 2009 12:00 am  

The likely upshot of the new Hog plan might be that the University of Arkansas at Little Rock will crank up its own big-time athletic program. "Whether Frank likes it or not," our source advises, "he'll have to play them."

We tried to reach Alice Walton and Broyles for comment, but couldn't get through.

June 1, 1992
Jesus – 1
Jerry Brown – 0
Did you hear that God is endorsing Jerry Brown in the race for president?

A small group wanted to make that announcement in Little Rock from the Capitol steps during the March for Jesus on May 23.

Organizers of the Christian rally denied the request.

The consensus was that it would take a miracle for Brown to be elected president and that would be proof enough that God was backing him.

Jan. 4, 1993
Barrier Falls
On the heels of the recent announcement that the Country Club of Little Rock had finally admitted a black member, Pleasant Valley Country Club in Little Rock has followed suit.

The membership of Walt Patterson, former director of the state Department of Human Services, was approved without objection last month, making Patterson the first black member at Pleasant Valley.

Among the club members who sponsored his application were Worthen Banking Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Curt Bradbury and newly elected state Sen. Jim Keet.

Patterson's application was already under consideration by PVCC when it became publicin December that Little Rock economist Curt Reed, who is black, had been accepted as a member at the Country Club of Little Rock, which had been the city's oldest all-white enclave.

That club came under heavy criticism during the presidential campaign when the national media learned of the club's all-white membership rolls after then-Gov. Bill Clinton played golf there.

Patterson, who resigned as the DHS chief in late 1989 to accept a private-sector job in Dallas, returned to the state about two years ago to become president of Health Care Training Corp. of Arkansas, a competency testing business in Little Rock.



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