2034 (Jeff Hankins Publisher's Note)

by Jeff Hankins  on Monday, Mar. 23, 2009 12:00 am  

• The house teardown trend in the Little Rock Heights neighborhood will have moved west to Pleasant Valley.

• Mountain Home, the Lake Ouachita area, the Greers Ferry Lake area and other relaxing Arkansas destinations will have grown in popularity for home offices thanks to continued improvements in wireless communications access.

• As for me, I'll be 68 years old. My columns will have a cranky tone, and I'll talk down to the young whippersnappers who are running the state. I'll still be working (since Medicare probably won't kick in until I'm 72), but not nearly as hard and for less money. I'll frequently reference the stock market crash, recession and outrageous debt lessons of 2008-09. My educated children will have good careers, complain about how high payroll taxes are to support us old people and let me spoil my grandkids.                       

(Jeff Hankins can be reached via e-mail at jhankins@abpg.com.)



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