A Year Later: Family Believes John Glasgow's Dead

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Jan. 26, 2009 12:00 am  

John Glasgow, front, has now been missing for a year, gathers with his siblings for a family photo.

A similar report from Bryant also failed to pan out.

"All of these leads that we had during the month or so following his disappearance," Roger said, "they all came up dry."

Fortunately, the lawyer in Roger Glasgow knew better than to let possible sightings raise his hopes too high.

"In my business, [eyewitnesses] are well-intentioned but they are the most unreliable," Roger said.

A Florida man who was run over by a train matched John Glasgow's description well enough that the State Police got a call. But DNA taken from John's toothbrush was not a match for the train victim, Roger Glasgow said.

A woman reported that the man seated next to her on a flight from Atlanta to Little Rock looked like John, but video of the passengers deplaning showed that she was mistaken.

Strange Vision

The rewards offered when John first vanished have expired. But a tip still comes in every now and then, according to Roger, and the www.FindJohnGlasgow.com Web site is still online. In December, he got an e-mail that was different from the rest.

It was from a Garland County man who claimed to have psychic ability and who claimed to have seen a vision of John Glasgow's body lying face down in a bed of oak leaves somewhere near a craggy outcropping of rock.

"I'm pretty scientific minded," Roger Glasgow said, and he had been unimpressed with various psychics who had contacted the family after John vanished. Still, this man's story gave him the creeps.

The man, who agreed to be interviewed only if his identity was not revealed, told Arkansas Business that he worked for Dillard's Inc. for several years. He was familiar with John Glasgow because of the work CDI did for Dillard's, but he had never had a conversation with him. He was working in Mississippi last winter when a former coworker from Dillard's called and told him the news of Glasgow's disappearance.

"At that point, I closed my eyes and I had this vision of what happened to him. I do this quite often. So I told her what I saw."

He didn't contact Roger Glasgow for many months. But he said he bought a good set of binoculars and, with his former Dillard's coworker and another man, spent time searching the back roads off Highway 10 between Pinnacle Mountain west of Little Rock and Petit Jean, looking for a spot that matched his vision.

The man believes Glasgow was killed by a blow to the head.  



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