'Get Over It' - Arkansas Business' Best Quotes of 2008

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Dec. 22, 2008 12:00 am  

"Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you."
Frank Fellone, deputy editor at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, on the state and national attention that followed State Editor Marilyn Mitchell's resignation. In a profanity-laced mass e-mail to the paper's staff, Mitchell claimed the newspaper's executive suite was a "good ole' boys club" that regularly degraded women and minorities.

"We're scared to talk about it."
David Wroten, executive vice president of the Arkansas Medical Society, on serendipitous declines of 30 to 50 percent in medical malpractice insurance premiums during 2008.

"We have over $10 million and then we have some that's pledged beyond that."
Jo Luck, CEO of Heifer International, on the mid-year status of fund-raising efforts for Heifer's Murphy-Keller Education Center. In September, when Heifer asked the city of Little Rock to facilitate a tax-free bond issue, spokesman Ray White said a gap of $5.7 million remained between the amount raised and the center's $13 million total cost.

"What makes it odd? All the odd stuff."
George Stowe-Rains, a search and rescue specialist with the Arkansas Forestry Commission, on the fruitless search for Little Rock businessman John Glasgow on Petit Jean Mountain, where his car was found.

"For Freeman to come down here and say we are dishonest, and for you to sit there and not say anything, hurt us to the core. We have never been so offended in our lives."
John Glasgow, in a letter he drafted for William Clark, CEO of CDI Contractors, to send to William Dillard II, CEO of Dillard's Inc., regarding a contentious meeting that included Glasgow, Clark, Dillard and James Freeman, chief financial officer of Dillard's Inc.                                                                   

"Every scenario you can imagine has a great big hole in it that you just can't bridge. It seems to me he had every reason to stay and no reason to run away."
Little Rock attorney Roger Glasgow on his youngest brother's unexplained disappearance.

"Just don't take for granted that a Chinese interpreter knows American culture that well. What they learn about American culture is from the media, particularly these Hollywood films. They take 'Desperate Housewives' as real."
Hui Wu, executive director of the Confucius Institute in Conway, on the cultural chasm that exists when conducting business internationally.

"A sour economy is a magnet for insurance fraud. ... Normally decent people who wouldn't steal a candy bar from a drugstore won't hesitate to steal from their insurance company."
James Quiggle, a spokesman for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud of Washington, D.C.

"If Arkansas had a state ban on self-referrals, this would clearly be in violation of the law. These, to me, are just disguised kickbacks."
Jean Mitchell, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University who has studied physician-owned imaging centers, referring to Fayetteville MRI LLC. Doctors became investors in the center by putting in $100, but earning returns on that investment depended on how many patients the doctors referred to the firm, which operates as Clearvue Medical Imaging in Lowell.

"That's what I face every day. It's wrong and I'm tired of it."
Jimmy Ashley of Jonesboro, who sued four restaurants in U.S. District Court in Jonesboro for allegedly violating the American with Disabilities Act by not providing access to restrooms or other sections of the restaurants.

"It's the single hardest business there is, hands down."
Paul Novicky, president of Culinary Consultants LLC, advising wannabe restaurateurs to think twice before diving into the business.

"We have a rapidly growing demand for physician services, but we've been training the same number of physicians for over 20 years. And that's starting to catch up with us."
Phillip Miller, a spokesman for Merritt Hawkins & Associates, a physician-recruiting firm in Irving, Texas, on the projected doctor shortage.



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