Times Are Hard In the Woods

by John Henry  on Monday, Dec. 8, 2008 12:00 am  

The Industry in Arkansas

Statewide, there are 18.8 million acres of forest land representing approximately 56 percent of the total land base.

Of this, 27 percent is pine, 17 percent is mixed hardwood and pine, 39 percent is upland oak-hickory forests, and the remaining 16 percent are bottomland species including some oak, cypress, cottonwood, and elm.

Private landowners including farmers, ranchers and other individuals own more than 58 percent of the forest land in the state and many actively manage their forest lands.

National forests account for 2.5 million acres of Arkansas' total forested acreage and other federal lands amount to 3.1 million acres.

Private landowners account for 10.6 million acres, while the forest industry has about 4.5 million acres it owns orleasees.



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