Owner of Ranger Boats Stays Above Water

by Tre Baker  on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008 3:37 pm  

He added that the company is very fair with its partners, but he warned against getting too comfortable with the retail giant. The way Genmar has stayed in good graces with the company is by putting "Wal-Mart ahead of us."

Jacobs acknowledged that Wal-Mart had forced many smaller retailers out of business, but he also credited Wal-Mart with helping to control inflation in consumer goods. "If it wasn't for Wal-Mart," he said, clothes, food and $56,000 fishing boats would be much more expensive than they are today.

Hopper asked Jacobs whether or not the boating industry would be able to survive tough financial times without too much wear and tear.

Jacobs said he wasn't worried. "People are not going to give up the pleasures of fishing," he said.

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