Comparing Razorback Recruiting Class Expenses, Results With The SEC

by Chris Bahn  on Monday, Jun. 25, 2012 1:24 pm  

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Traditionally, Arkansas has finished near the bottom half of the SEC in recruiting rankings each February. Classes are usually strong enough to rank in the Top 30 nationally, but aren’t as highly regarded as the Razorbacks’ league peers.

Those results haven’t come as a result of limited spending.

A recent study ranked the Razorbacks among the Top 10 spenders on recruiting expenses. They spent an average of $679,500, according to ESPN.

Arkansas’ last two recruiting classes averaged a rank of No. 25.

So where is the money going?

Travel surely makes up a significant portion of the expenses. Arkansas as a state doesn't produce a large number of prospects. As a result the staff must often travel to find players.

Under former Coach Bobby Petrino — who was in charge when these numbers were recorded — the Razorbacks signed players from California, Arizona and Canada. Those are the sort of trips that will rack up airline miles and expenses.

What does all this data mean? It's debatable.

As you can tell looking at the list below, money spent doesn't always equate to sucessful signing classes. Tennessee has spent a lot for little results. South Carolina has kept expenses low and managed to be competitive in the SEC and nationally.

Ultimately, success on the field is a mix of recruiting, player development and coaching. Combine success in those areas with plenty of cash to burn and you're Alabama, winner of two of the last three national titles.


Avg. $ Spent 2010-11



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