Receiver to Bank: Stop Interfering With Flake & Kelley

by Andrew Jensen  on Monday, Aug. 25, 2008 12:00 am  

Brandon Barber stands in front of the Legacy Building in mid-2007 on its opening night. Barber declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy through his Lynnkohn LLC on Aug. 21.

"The bank does not hold power to accept or reject any offer to purchase until and unless it purchases the building on Aug. 21. Flake may very well have heard the banks' attorneys say something to this effect – but nothing more."

According to its bankruptcy filing, Lynnkohn owes $5.13 million for the 1.5-acre lot on Dickson Street in Fayetteville that was to be home to the Divinity Hotel, $690,000 for two buildings on Church Street and another $3.1 million on the Sloan Estates subdivision.

Lynnkohn owes $131,008 in property taxes and $40,000 to the Legacy Property Owners Association.

Including the Legacy foreclosure, Barber's other LLCs have been hit with more than $25 million in foreclosures this year, including on his company headquarters on Old Missouri Road in Springdale.    

(Assistant Editor Susannah Patton contributed to this report.)







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