County Seeing School Growth Of $71 Million

by Jamie Walden  on Monday, Aug. 18, 2008 12:00 am  

Steve Hickman, superintendent of Episcopal Collegiate, and Jeanne Joyner, president of the board of trustees, stand at the site of what will be the new kindergarten through fifth-grade school.

"There are too many outside issues that come into public schools, and they don't have the option of a charter school of saying: 'You do it our way or you hit the road,'" he said.

"Mostly, I just like the idea of my kids being in an environment where the only common element that matters is that all the other parents think that education is pretty important and that the extraneous nonsense won't be tolerated."

Gould added: "It wasn't that we were fleeing anything really terribly bad; it was just trying to find an arrangement that we were in a community of like-minded parents."

The bottom line, Brooks said, is that parents are hungry for educational choices that will provide each child with a quality education.

Think of it this way: Stand this publication up on its end. The stack of 2,100 applications for eStem Charter Schools stands about 4 inches taller.



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