Arkansas Newspapers Feel Pinch But Wehco, Stephens on Lookout for Buying Opportunities

by Mark Hengel  on Monday, Jul. 14, 2008 12:00 am  

"When the prices go up like this and my advertising revenue doesn't follow, it squeezes us," Lewey said.

The publishing company had to raise subscription prices this summer, after having already done so in September, to compensate carriers for the rising gas prices.

With expenses rising, Lewey said, one of the only cost-cutting options she could consider was printing a tighter paper, though she said the newspaper had no intention of shrinking its work force. The paper also quit printing a television programming schedule.

The decreasing price of newspapers on the open market does not scare Lewey, she said. The family does not intend to sell, she said.

"When business is good, you don't want to sell the paper, and when business is bad, you'd better not sell the paper," she said.



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