John Glasgow Letter Shows Strained Relationship Between Dillard's, CDI

by Gwen Moritz  on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008 5:06 pm  

Missing CDI Contractors executive John Glasgow, seen with his wife Melinda in a photo submitted by his family. Glasgow has been missing since Jan. 28.

Friends and relatives describe him as soft-spoken, frugal and fastidious; honest, dependable and loyal; devoted to his wife, stepson and large family; self-sufficient, competitive and adventurous. He loved to travel, and he loved cats.

"John is a very stand-up, good neighbor and a good friend," said Brian Rosenthal, Glasgow's next-door neighbor for more than 12 years.

Rosenthal saw, or thought he did, John's familiar Volvo SUV leaving the house he shared with Melinda at 5:15 a.m. Jan. 28, a Monday. By 4:30 that afternoon, a tourist's photo proves, it was parked - unlocked with his laptop computer, company-issued cell phone and credit card and a personal debit card inside - in the parking lot in front of Mather Lodge in Petit Jean State Park.

Speculation about Glasgow's whereabouts has become almost a parlor game, but as for solid clues, that's it. Thousands of man-hours, professional and volunteer, spent searching the state park and canvassing businesses in the area turned up nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"The only thing putting him on that mountain was his car. We have a picture so we know it was there, but we really don't have any hard evidence [that John was]," Stowe-Rains said. "And, you know, your car can be someplace and you can be someplace completely different."

No usable fingerprints were recovered from the Volvo; Glasgow's cell phone made no calls on the day he disappeared; his bank account and MasterCard haven't been used; his passport was in his safe at home.

A reward totaling $70,000 for information leading to his location hasn't even scared up the crazies and posers the family expected, Roger Glasgow said.

The family is convinced that John is alive, but possibly not well, and they doubt he was ever on Petit Jean. If he was, it was only to get out of his car and into another one.

"I think he's alive," Roger Glasgow said after almost four weeks of searching. "I do not think he's dead or on that mountain."

"We have a better marriage than anyone I know, better than relatives or friends," Melinda Glasgow said Wednesday. "That's why I think he's still alive. I think I would feel it if he wasn't. ... There is no doubt in my mind that he loves me more than anything. I don't think he would do this ‘just because.' There's a reason."

What that reason is, she doesn't know. But for him to put his large, close-knit family through the hell of not knowing where he is has led her to a single conclusion:

"I have to feel like if this was a choice, that it was better than the alternative. So I shudder to think what the alternative might have been."



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