Tyson Foods to Produce Synthetic Fuel in Joint Venture

by Andrew Jensen  on Monday, Jun. 25, 2007 11:26 am  

Richard Bond, CEO of Tyson Foods Inc.

Tyson Foods Inc. announced Monday that it has partnered with a Tulsa company to produce synthetic fuels using fat from its animal processing operations.
Syntroleum Corp. of Tulsa and Tyson will form Dynamic Fuels LLC. The plant location, not yet announced, will begin construction next year and will produce 75 million gallons annually by 2010. It is the first of multiple facilities the companies are planning.
The partners touted the products in their release as “ultra-clean, high-quality, next-generation renewable synthetic fuels” using Syntroleum’s patented “Biofining” process. The release puts the cost at $150 million with 65 high-paying jobs to staff the first facility.
According to the Tyson Foods release, “The fuel will offer the additional benefits of higher energy content, better cold flow properties enabling it to function effectively in cold weather and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The unblended fuel can be used in existing diesel engines with no engine modifications required and also can be upgraded into ultra-clean, high quality synthetic jet fuel.
“The fuels are expected to be completely compatible with existing pipelines, storage facilities and other conventional fuel infrastructures. Further, the synthetic fuel produced by Dynamic Fuels may be blended with petroleum based diesel and/or conventional biodiesel to help those fuels achieve superior environmental and performance characteristics.”
The release projects operating profits at between $35 million and $60 million annually.
In mid-April, Tyson announced a venture with ConocoPhillips to produce and market a renewable diesel fuel using beef, pork and poultry by-product fat.



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