Power List Profiles 176 Industry Leaders

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Jan. 22, 2007 12:00 am  

The Power List, which debuted in Arkansas Business a year ago, returns this week.
The Power List draws primarily from the nearly 50 business-related lists that appear in this publication during the course of a year. It is a collection of personal information on the people who run the largest or most influential companies or institutions in 20 different industries or professions.
The individuals are listed alphabetically within their industry groups. No attempt was made to ensure women and minorities were well-represented or that the breadth of the state's geography was covered. Instead, we simply identified the largest institutions in each industry and profiled the person — or, in a few cases, people — running them.
The second Power List is longer than the first — 176 names vs. 171 last year. It corrects some inexcusable oversights in the first attempt, acknowledges the convening of a new General Assembly, and recognizes changes at the top of a number of companies.
Some departures from the list have not been replaced. Bill Halter may have replaced the late Winthrop Paul Rockefeller as lieutenant governor, but he doesn't wield anything like the power that Rockefeller did. Several top executives who were on the list last year — including Stephens Mansfield of St. Vincent Health System, Sybil Hampton of the Rockefeller Founda-tion and David Malone of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System — have left those positions and permanent successors have not been named.
As you will see, the vast majority of the biggest businesses are still being run by white males, and most are in the population centers of Pulaski, Benton and Washington counties. While their ages range from 31-88, most of those on our Power List are in their 40s and 50s. Second-, third- and even fourth-generation members of a founding family are common.
Click here to browse the list. See the index of names and links below. And click here to download the list in Excel format. For more downloadable lists, click here.
(Input on additional names that should be included in future lists is eagerly solicited; e-mail suggestions to Editor Gwen Moritz at gmoritz@abpg. com.)

Index to The Power List
Thomas Adams
John Ahlen
Sharon Allen
Roderick Allen
Johnny Allison

Joel Anderson
Aubra Anthony
Steven Anthony
Greg Arnold
Steve Arrison

Larry Audas
Phillip Baldwin
Dr. Jonathan Bates
Mike Beebe
Richard Bell

Marlon Blackwell
Richard Bond
Curt Bradbury
Larry Brandt
Lunsford Bridges

David Bridges
Francis Browning
John Franklin Broyles
Walter Bryant
Bruce Burrow

Ronald Cameron
J. Michael Carroll
James Chesshir
Ed Choate
Bill Clark

Bill Clinton
David Cohn
Roger Collins
John Cooper, Jr.
Mike Coulson

Jack Critcher
Robert Davidson
Richard Davies
Claiborne Deming
Chuck Dicus

William Dillard, II.
Ray Dillon
Darrell Dover
John Dreher
Edward Drilling

Byron Eiseman
Blake Evans
Larry Evans
Randall Fale
Olivia Farrell

Dickson Flake
John Flake
Jack Fleischauer
Frank Fletcher
Dan Flowers

Scott Ford
Wallace Fowler
Sherman Frederick
Brian Gahr
Jeffery Gardner

Gary George
George Gleason
Keith Glover
Mary Good
John Guest

Harold Hamlin
Bill Hannah
Luther Hardin
Rush Harding
Russell Harrington Jr.

Paul Harvel
Collins Haynes
Gary Head
Stanley Heath
Robert Hendrix

Gregg Herning
Tom Hopper
Walter Hussman, Jr.
Eric Jackson
T. Kenneth James

Calvin Jarrett
Brock Johnson
Stephen Joiner
Hank Kelley
Karl Kennedy

Lane Kidd
Stephen LaFrance, Sr.
James Latta
Paul Latture, II
Alan Leveritt

Alex Lieblong
Pat Lile
Blanche Lincoln
Jim Lindsey
Edwin Lowther, Jr.

Jo Luck
Jason Mann
Thomas Mars
David Martin
Mike Maulden

Tommy May
Lewis May
Hugh McDonald
Margaret McClain McEntire
John McFarland

Montine McNulty
John Roger Mills
Mark Millsap
Wilson Moore
Jerry Moore

Charles Morgan
Jimmy Moses
Don Munro
Dwain Newman
Dale Nicholson

Houston Dale Nutt, Jr.
Dan O'Byrne
Dennis Oakley
Daniel Peregrin
Benny Petrus

Jim Phillips
Buddy Philpot
Richard Pierson
Tommy Polk
Robert Powell

Mark Pryor
Stanley Reed
Patrick Reed
Joe David Rice
Rick Rogala

Doyle Rogers
Skip Rutherford
Reynie Rutledge
Jeff Schomburger
Thomas Schueck

Deborah Schwartz
H. Lee Scott, Jr.
John Selig
Bob Shell
John Shelnutt, Ph.D.

Robert Shoptaw
Todd Simmons
Raymond Simon
Griffin Smith
Chuck Spohn

Calvin Staudt
Warren Stephens
Scott Stevens
Alan Stewart
Larry Stone

John Thaeler
Brent Thompson
Kirk Thompson
John Tyson
Ashvin Vibhakar

Gary Voigt
Gus Vratsinas
Duff Wallace
Sam Walls
Larry Walther

Jim Walton
S. Robson Walton
Millie Ward
Suzanne Ward
Steven Warren

Robert Weaver
Ewell Welch
Collier Wenderoth, Jr.
John White
Gordon Wilbourn

Steve Williams
I. Dodd Wilson
Robert Wilson, Jr.
Shelby Woods
David Wroten

Leslie Wyatt



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