CDFP Still Largest Property Manager in Arkansas

by George Waldon  on Monday, Aug. 7, 2006 12:00 am  

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The biggest commercial property management firm in Arkansas remains Colliers Dickson Flake Partners Inc. of Little Rock. The firm added more than 200,000 SF to increase its 2006 total SF under management to more than 8.6 million.

The running order among the 10 largest commercial property management firms didn't change, although there were gains and losses posted by individual companies.

However, the second half of this year's list was reshuffled thanks largely to a new entry: Hart Lazenby Com-mercial of Little Rock.

The young firm — it celebrates its third birthday this month — moved into the list at No. 17 with a mix of its office and retail developments and a big third-party assignment: the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Little Rock.

Management of the 268,000-SF office building at 200 W. Capitol Ave. shifted from Little Rock's Moses Tucker Real Estate after a change of ownership. 200 West Capitol LLC of Reseda, Calif., bought the 24-story project and adjoining parking deck from SVP West Capital LLC of New York earlier this year for nearly $10.2 million.

Little Rock's Flake & Kelley Commercial, No. 2 on the list, registered a 150,000-SF decline in its total of more than 3.6 million SF. At No. 3, Cooper Realty Investments Inc. of Rogers saw a drop of more than 490,000 SF to 3.1 million SF.

The Ashley Group of North Little Rock stayed at No. 4 with more than 2.4 million SF, a 366,000-SF decline. At No. 5, Dixie Development LLC of Fayetteville increased its total to 1.9 million SF, a move of more than 150,000 SF.

Moses Tucker Real Estate laid claim to more than 1.7 million SF at No. 6, a reported gain of 214,000 SF.

The four other companies in the top 10 all held firm: Little Rock's Irwin Saviers Ballard LLC of Little Rock (No. 7) at more than 1.3 million SF, MBC Holdings LLC of Jonesboro (No. 8) at more than 1.1 million SF, General Properties of North Little Rock (No. 9) at more than 1 million SF and RPM Management Co. of Little Rock (No. 10) at more than 1 million SF.

The Shearin Hathaway Group of Rogers climbed two spots to No. 11 with 896,000 SF, up from 584,000 last year.

That placed The Hathaway Group of Little Rock at No. 12, unchanged with 800,000 SF, and Stephens Real Estate of Little Rock at No. 13 with an increase of 60,000 SF to 750,000 SF.

Schickel Development Co. of Little Rock, with 700,000 SF, stepped up from No. 16 to No. 14. The boost is courtesy of its Pleasant Ridge Town Center set to open in west Little Rock in October.

Blissard Management & Realty of Little Rock stood at No. 15 with more than 563,000 SF. Cypress Properties of Little Rock (No. 16) held firm at more than 466,000 SF.

Following Hart Lazenby are two Little Rock concerns with unchanged totals and positions: Financial Centre Management, No. 18 at 292,000 SF, and Little Rock Medical Associates Ltd., No. 19.

Rounding out this year's cast at No. 20 is Haynes Ltd. of Rogers, which saw its total SF under management slashed from 464,900 SF to 200,000 through sales from its portfolio.



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