Country Club Heights Remains a Favorite Place to Live

by George Waldon  on Monday, Jun. 13, 2005 12:00 am  

The Country Club Heights subdivision long has been a favored destination for establishing residence in Little Rock. That favored status with the community's business elite is little wonder, given its proximity to the Country Club of Little Rock.

The neighborhood extends westward from the country club, with many of the houses providing a residential canopy for the private club's entryway and perimeter.

Nearly 10 years ago, we visited a three-block area of the 40-acre subdivision that dates back to 1912. This sampling of the Heights had its share of teardowns and grand redevelopments back then.

Since 1996, four new homes have joined the roster of dwellings in the three-block area. These larger houses, all developed in the wake of teardowns, bring the overall census of replacement homes to seven during the past 15 years.

Lots measuring 50 feet by 150 feet that originally changed hands for $500 now ring up transactions bearing hundreds of times that valuation.

Here's an updated look at some of the names, both new and old, from the area's ownership rolls. To see a map of the neighborhood, click here.

Block 9

  • Parcel A — A 3,516-SF home, built in 1939.

    Owners: Eugene L. Lewis Jr. and his wife, Ann.

    The Lewis family bought the residence from John Trotter Sr. and his wife, Eleanor, in September 1978 for $150,000. The former Eleanor Town-send, and her first husband, W.F. Rector, purchased the property in August 1940 from Wallace and Bess Townsend.

    Earlier sellers were J.W. and Elizabeth Hill in June 1934, Ara Mehaffey in October 1927 ($4,000), and A.J. and Cecile Heyden in May 1923 ($1,150).

    Parcel B — A 4,144-SF home, built in 1929.

    Owner: Beulah W. Seamon Trust No. 2.

    The trust acquired the residence from Farrel and Cynthia Mason in April 1991 for $419,500. The Masons bought the home from Wallace and Floy Townsend in June 1962 for $50,000.

    Previous sellers were W.B. Worthen Co. in September 1926 ($3,300), J.W. and Ara Mehaffey in March 1926, and Southern Trust Co. in May 1923 ($900).

  • Parcel C — A 3,998-SF home, built in 1949.

    Owners: David and Lynn Coates.

    The Coates family purchased the residence from Christian and Patia Finkbeiner in April 1978 for $89,000. The Finkbeiners acquired the home from Frank and Frances Erhart in June 1977 for $80,000.

    Delphie Erhart bought the property in July 1944 from Allen Gates and Martha Alston Newcomb. Martha Newcomb and her husband, S.J., purchased it in June 1925 from J.W. and Ara Mehaffey.

  • Parcel D — A 4,677-SF home, built in 1939.

    Owners: Joseph and Mayriann Hurst.

    The Hursts acquired the residence from Edwin and Frances Moore in January 1950. The Moores bought the property in December 1937 from Martha Newcomb for $3,150.

    Past sellers were William and Helen Thompson in July 1925, William and Bonnie Cooper in June 1924, Mary Ellen Marshall in October 1923 ($1,150), and J. Paul Guinon in February 1923 ($750).

  • Parcel E — A 5,109-SF home, built in 1928.

    Owner: Marfran LLC, led by Peter Francis de Vos.

    The residence was bought for $2.77 million in June 1999 from Thomas Raney.

    He and Jacqueline Raney purchased the residence for $80,000 in May 1960 from J.M. Williams Jr. and his wife, Grace. The Williams family acquired the home in October 1939 from John and Mary Collins.

    The Collins family put the land together in two buys during July 1923 from W.H. and Lizzie Miller and E.U. and Mary Ragland.

  • Parcel F — A 5,995-SF home, built in 1937.

    Owners: Randolph and Sarah Hopkins.

    The Hopkins family bought the residence from Joseph and Virginia Brown in August 1990 for $470,000. Fred Brown Sr. purchased the property from Gordon and Zilla Peay in May 1929 for $14,000.

    W.H. and Lizzie Miller assembled the property in buys from Mary Cole in August 1922 ($850) and Southern Trust Co. in December 1922 ($900). The Millers sold this and the parcel G property to the Peays in July 1924 for $7,500.

  • Parcel G — A 5,078-SF home, built in 1933.

    Owners: Rogers and Ellen Cockrill.

    The Cockrills acquired the residence from Christian and Patia Finkbeiner in August 1983 for $325,000. The Finkbeiners bought the property in September 1968 from Elise Conway White.

    Earlier sellers were Maud Riddick Riffel in July 1954, Louis Sutton in September 1928 and Gordon and Zilla Peay in March 1925 ($3,000).

  • Parcel H — A 1,294-SF home, built in 1944.

    Owner: Ashley Cockrill Jr.

    Cockrill purchased the residence from the estate of Ralph Sloan Jr. in August 1991 for $260,000. Sloan acquired the home from Margaret Cotnam in October 1969 for $17,500.

    Previous sellers were Lela Davison in July 1926 ($5,000), M.F. and Ennice Lawing in November 1923 ($4,000), and Southern Trust Co. ($450).

  • Parcel I — A 1,636-SF home, built in 1946.

    Owners: A. Everett Harris Jr. and Russell Harris.

    Emille L. Harris bought the property from Bonnie Cooper in April 1945. Cooper and her husband, W.H., purchased it from Lela Davison in May 1930 for $1,500.

  • Parcel J — A 4,545-SF home, built in 1990.

    Owners: Dr. J. Floyd and Patricia Kyser.

    The Kysers acquired the residence from J.W. Benafield in August 1994 for $1.1 million. Benafield bought the property from H. Thurston Black and his wife, Mary, in May 1989 for $230,000.

    The Blacks purchased the home site from J. Harry Hayes Jr. and his wife, Mary, in June 1988 for $200,000. The Hayeses acquired the property and the parcel K home from Dabbs Sullivan in December 1970 for $95,000.

    The previous owner of the combined parcels J and K property was C.J. Griffith in October 1935 ($1,700).

  • Parcel K — A 3,960-SF home, built in 1920.

    Owner: Jane Hunt Hardin.

    Hardin bought the residence from Benjamin Mackey Jr. and his wife, Diane, in October 1994 for $625,000. The Mackeys purchased the home from J. Harry Hayes Jr. and his wife, Mary, in June 1989 for $310,000.

    Block 10

  • Parcel A — A 3,687-SF home, built in 1938.

    Owners: William and Constance Bowen.

    The Bowens acquired the residence from William and Elsie Copeland in August 1966 for $48,000. The Cope-lands bought the home from John and Anne Coates in August 1958.

    Past sellers include Mary McCles-key Richart and Nina McCleskey Gerhardt in May 1936 ($1,500). Nina and H.S. McCleskey purchased the land along with the parcel B property in March 1925 for $9,500.

  • Parcel B — A 6,399-SF home, built in 1994.

    Owners: Randall and Karen Mourot.

    The Mourots bought the property from Ed and Ann Willis in August 1990 for $420,000. The Willis family acquired the home from the estate of Adelaide Rule in January 1986 for $305,000.

    Earlier sellers were Homeowners Loan Corp. in September 1936 ($6,050), Harry and Bracey Hill in February 1936, and Nina McCleskey in August 1930 ($6,570).

  • Parcel C — A 2,959-SF home, built in 1928.

    Owners: Wallis and Julie Allen.

    The Allens purchased the residence and the adjoining parcel D from E. Clark Gillespie in December 1982 for $325,000. Gillespie and his wife, Candace, bought the home from Carol Becknell in August 1978 for $240,000.

    Previous sellers included Herbert and Dora Rule in November 1975 ($120,000) and H.C. and Emma Hackbarth in July 1937 ($9,000).

  • Parcel D — A 4,833-SF home, built in 1983.

    Owner: Gaston Gibson Jr.

    Gibson acquired the residence for $851,000 in June 2001 from Harold and Kimberly Bellingrath.

    The Bellingraths bought the residence from Robert Goff Jr. and his wife, Helen, in October 1993 for $500,000. The Goffs purchased the property from Wallis and Julie Allen.

  • Parcel E — A 4,823-SF home, built in 1998.

    Owners: Bill and Sandra Tranum.

    The Tranums bought the property for $600,000 in December 1996 from Pat Riley Sr.

    Riley bought the property as part of a $652,000 transaction with the estate of Mary Louis Walker Dick in September 1995 and razed the 1,638-SF home, built in 1953. C.E. Dick assembled the land in three buys from A.C. Read in December 1932 and W.A. and Ida Dale in October 1936 and March 1942.

  • Parcel F — A 2,994-SF home, built in 1928.

    Owner: Shea Weidner.

    T.A. and Mildred Shea acquired the residence from Eloise Maloney in May 1953. She bought the property from J.M. and Emily Bournie in October 1923.

    Past sellers were Charles and Sophia Stiff (March 1923), J.W. Powell (March 1923), and Southern Trust Co. (July 1915).

  • Parcel G — A 4,851-SF home, built in 1929.

    Owner: Dr. Frank G. and Kula Kumpuris.

    Kumpuris purchased the residence from Louise S. Porter in April 1963 for $71,000. Porter acquired the home from Frances Rose Dungan in May 1942.

    Leah T. Rose assembled the property in two buys from H.S. and Nina McCleskey in October 1926 ($8,750) and Phillip Simmons in July 1929 ($2,075).

  • Parcel H — A 3,396-SF home, built in 1938.

    Owner: Judy D. Burrow, trustee.

    She and her husband, Lawrence Burrow Jr., bought the residence from Mary Frances Roddy for $48,000. Roddy and her husband, W.R., purchased the home from the estate of Hildegarde Wright in March 1954.

    Wright and Marcella Penzel acquired this property and part of parcel I from Union Trust Co. in April 1940 for $7,500.

  • Parcel I — A 2,736 -SF home, built in 1941.

    Owners: Fred and Helen Harrison.

    The Harrisons acquired the residence from the Marcella Penzel estate in July 1976 for $80,000. Penzel and Hildegarde Wright bought the property from Mrs. J.A. Austin in April 1940 for $1,400.

  • Parcel J — A 3,251-SF home, built in 1936.

    Owners: John and Judy Fletcher.

    The Fletchers purchased the house for $675,000 in July 1998 from John M. Davis III. Lavonne Davis purchased the residence from Hardy and Frances McCombs in April 1963 for $43,500. Other sellers were Mary Freeman Rowan in October 1957, Mae Miller in October 1936 and H.W. Trigg in March 1932.

  • Parcel K — A 3,440-SF home, built in 1935.

    Owners: Dr. Robert Dickins Jr. and his wife, Nancy.

    The Dickens family bought the residence from Terry Light in March 1977 for $155,000. Light purchased the home from Junius and Sarah Cross in September 1976 for $140,000.

    The Crosses acquired the property from Ida Mae Myers in April 1965 for $43,000. Earlier sellers were Arkansas Homes Inc. in October 1943, Barnett and Helen Briggs in December 1942, Reginald and Evelyn Jackson in October 1940, Lizzie Petty in October 1940, and Nellie Rhinehart in February 1935.

  • Parcel L — A 3,810-SF home, built in 1934.

    Owners: Russ McDonough Jr. and his wife, Nancy.

    The McDonoughs purchased the residence from John and Linda Golden in September 1987 for $320,000. The Goldens acquired the home from Myra Brack in August 1980 for $110,000.

    Earlier sellers were Jim and Mary Sibyl in December 1943 and J.W. and Elizabeth Hill in October 1927.

    Block 11

    Parcel A — A 3,992-SF home, built in 1928.

    Owner: Roescheise Family Revocable Trust.

    Donald and Ethel Roescheise took title to the residence in September 1973. H. Austin Grimes and his wife, Ethel, bought the home from Emma Rogers in May 1965 for $60,000.

    Rogers purchased the property from Irene Smith West in August 1940 for $16,600. She and her husband, Sidney, assembled the land in two buys in October 1923 from W.F. and Frankie Bracy ($425) and Twin City Bank ($500).

  • Parcel B — A 6,871-SF home, built in 2004.

    Owners: Jay and Susan Brainard.

    The Brainards acquired the home for $1.4 million in April 2004 from Jack Hartsell Jr. Hartsell bought the property for $500,000 in May 2002 from Charles and Carole Meyer.

    The Meyers purchased the property for $500,000 in July 1999 from Jerald Barnett Jr., president of National Holding Co., and his wife, Barbara.

    The Barnetts acquired the residence from Ralph Patterson in February 1988 for $325,000. Patterson purchased the home from Elizabeth Mann Rice in October 1971 for $35,000.

    George and Carrie Mann bought the land from Southern Trust Co. in March 1915 for $800.

  • Parcel C — A 3,474-SF home, built in 1935.

    Owners: E. Fletcher Lord Jr. and his wife, Diane.

    The Lords purchased the residence from Richard and Janie Stevenson in May 1979 for $173,200. The Stevensons acquired the home from Pat and Katherine Mehaffey in June 1937.

    Other sellers were Melvin and Carolyn Riley in June 1937 ($2,000) and Mildred Q. Miller in June 1922 ($1,000).

  • Parcel D — A 4,794-SF home, built in 1928.

    Owner: Sidney Thom.

    Thom and his wife, Penelope, bought the residence from Bonnie Cooper in March 1971 for $45,000. Cooper and her husband, W.H., acquired the property from William and Helen Thompson in April 1924.

    H.H. and Gladys Kirby sold the land to the Thompsons in July 1922 for $950.

  • Parcel E — A 6,062-SF home, built in 1999.

    Owners: Jerald and Barbara Barnett.

    The Barnetts redeveloped the property after purchasing a 2,681-SF home built in 1928 from the Mary Williams Beauchamp Revocable Trust for $850,000 in January 1998.

    Stonewall Beauchamp Jr. and his wife, Mary, acquired the property from Helena Whitman in May 1949. Whitman and her husband, Wylie, bought most of the land from S.A. and May Stearnes in January 1922 and added a small portion from W.H. and Bonnie Cooper in November 1927.

  • Parcel F — A 5,546-SF home, built in 1930.

    Owner: One Bank & Trust.

    The Little Rock lender recovered the residence from Warren and Heather Overton and R.J. Horner in an April 2005 foreclosure sale of $1.7 million. Overton and his father-in-law acquired the house for $1.2 million in July 2002 from Ralph and Elizabeth Patterson.

    The Pattersons bought the home from Curtis Finch Jr. and his wife, Jackye, in January 1988 for $750,000. The Finches purchased the home from Charles Meyer III and his wife, Carole, in March 1976 for $350,000.

    The Meyers bought the property from George and Mildred Dickey in December 1973 for $150,000. The Dickeys acquired it from Claudia Wood Brooks in October 1965 for $82,500. J.L. Murphy and Claudia Wood Murphy (later Brooks) purchased the property from Alvin Butterfield in December 1925.

  • Parcel G — A 5,166-SF home, built in 1928.

    Owners: John and Barbara Moore.

    The Moores bought the residence from Frances R. Holmes in January 1978 for $158,200. Willis Holmes acquired the home from Mary Sherrill in September 1960 for $62,000.

    Previous sellers were Aubrey Becker in July 1943, Nicholas and Morie Meyer in May 1936, and Frances Mitchell in March 1935.

  • Parcel H — A 4,665-SF home, built in 1935.

    Owners: Pat and Martha M. Riley.

    The Rileys purchased the residence from Joshua and Mary Shepherd in January 1967 for $39,500. The Shepherds bought the home from Mrs. Russell Hemann in May 1951.

    Past sellers included W.J. and Beulah Turner in August 1946, Graham Hall in January 1945 ($12,000), and Opal Milliken in July 1937.

  • Parcel I — A 5,067-SF home, built in 2001.

    Owners: Mark and Leslie Lee.

    Lee acquired the location for $625,000 in March 2000 from Jack Hartsell Jr. Hartsell bought the property for $500,000 in July 1999 from Dr. Samuel W. Boellner.

    The Boellner family purchased the original residence from W.P. Gulley Jr. and his wife, Jane, in May 1969. The Gulleys acquired the home from J. Wythe Walker and his wife, Barbara, in May 1967 for $55,000.

    The Walkers assembled the property in two buys from Elmo and Gertrude Walker in September 1949 and John and Frances Almand in September 1954.

  • Parcel J — A 5,544-SF home, built in 1995

    Owners: Chuck and Carole Meyer.

    The Meyers bought the original residence from the estate of Harriett D. Taylor in May 1994 for $425,000. Taylor acquired the property from Aglar and Frances Cook in August 1936.

  • Parcel K — A 5,835-SF home, built in 1938.

    Owners: Kramer Darragh III and his wife, Ida.

    The Darraghs purchased the residence from Donald and Susan Mehlburger in August 1987 for $340,000. The Mehlburgers bought the home from Barbara Pickens Stanley in June 1979 for $215,000. Ollye Pickens acquired the property from Aglar and Frances Cook in May 1936 for $1,350.



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