Moser Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

by Mark Friedman  on Thursday, May. 5, 2005 5:15 pm  

Former Little Rock lawyer Bobby Keith Moser was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in federal prison Thursday for stealing his clients money, defrauding the government, dodging capital gains taxes and his role in a kickback scheme in Michigan.

Moser also was ordered to pay $2.24 million in restitution and will serve three years on probation.

Just before U.S. District Court Judge Susan Weber Wright handed down her sentence, she gave Moser one last chance to tell the court where the rest of his assets were. If he told the truth, she said she would consider reducing his sentence. Wright had said earlier in the sentencing hearing that Moser was smart enough to hide assets, which is what he did as a tax attorney.

"There's no money anywhere that hasn't been accounted for,"? Moser said. "The government knows good and well that I'm telling the truth about it."

He said the money was lost in connection with his investment in Scanning Technologies Inc. of Little Rock.

"The government is fully aware of that,"? Moser said yelling and pointing at the U.S. Attorney's table in the courtroom.

Dan Elliott, an investigator with the Internal Revenue Service, said that Moser and an unnamed law partner had invested between $400,000 and $425,000 in Scanning Technologies Elliott testified that between 1996 and 2000, about $1.4 million of client trust account money went to that company.

According to the Secretary State's office, Barry J. Jewell, Moser's former law partner, is Scanning Technology's registered agent. The company's incorporation was revoked at the end of the 2001.

Elliott said he began investigating Moser in May 2002 over a kickback scheme in Michigan.

Click here for more on the day's hearing, including testimony that Moser continued to steal money even as he negotiated a plea deal.



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