Stephens Doesn't Own Everything

by Carl D. Holcombe  on Monday, Aug. 16, 2004 12:00 am  

Stephens Inc.'s ownership and interest in businesses may reach far, but contrary to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last week, it doesn't extend to Arkansas Business.

In its sports page story by Jeffrey Slatton about a media introduction day for Warren Stephens' fabulous new golf course, The Alotian Club, the D-G noted AB and the Arkansas Times each as a "Stephens publication."

Needless to say, Stephens has no stake in Arkansas Business Publish-ing Group or the Times. AB editor Gwen Moritz and Times editor Max Brantley promptly fired off e-mails to clear up the matter.

AB's Moritz, George Waldon and photographer Mike Pirnique did beat all the other media to the punch with a multi-page package of story and art in the last issue. But, alas, employment with Stephens isn't a prerequisite for scooping the competition.

In a next-day sports section correction, the D-G got it wrong again by reporting Arc Inc. publishes the two newspapers.

Arkansas Business Limited Partnership publishes AB and is controlled by CEO Olivia Farrell, and the Times is published by Arkansas Times Limited Partnership and is controlled by Alan Leveritt, explained AB publisher Jeff Hankins. ARC Project Inc., which is a limited partner in ABLP and ATLP, counts Farrell and Leveritt as majority owners.



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