Affiliated Foods Project Sells for $1.7 Million (Real Deals)

by George Waldon  on Monday, Jul. 2, 2012 12:00 am  


Arbors House

A 3,359-SF home in The Arbors neighborhood of west Little Rock's Chenal Valley development changed hands in a $511,000 sale.

Marin Gunaca acquired the house from John and Dolores McNeill.

The residence previously was tied to a March 2008 mortgage of $125,000 from Little Rock's Bank of the Ozarks.

It also helped secure a July 2009 mortgage of $766,176 held by Riverside Bank.

The McNeills bought the property for $566,000 more than four years ago from Martinez & Associates Inc., led by J. Matilde Martinez.


Nursing Home Expansion

A 10-bed expansion of a Sherwood nursing center is in motion with a $3.1 million funding agreement.

Sherwood Nursing Center Inc., led by Michael Morton, obtained the 15-year loan from National Bank of Salisaw (Okla.).

The 3.35-acre Sherwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center development at 245 Indian Bay Drive previously was linked with a May 2002 mortgage of $2.46 million held by the bank.

The 88-bed former Westlake Living Center was purchased for $2.63 million in May 2002 from Sherwood Living Center Partnership, led by David McCollister.

An adjoining 0.98-acre parcel was added in a December 2010 transaction of $390,000 with Garrett & Garrett Inc., led by Thomas Garrett.



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