Trooper Crucified on 'Geraldo' Show

by Arkansas Business staff  on Monday, Feb. 21, 1994 12:00 am  

Now may be a good time to start tuning in to the Geraldo Rivera's syndicated "Geraldo" show. Pat Lynch, "The News Authority" radio talk-show host on KARN-AM, 920, recently crossed barriers into the television talk-show circuit.

Lynch joined a panel that included Roger Perry and Larry Patterson, Arkansas state troopers who allege they witnessed then-Gov. Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs; Lynn Davis, one of the troopers' attorneys; and Rita Jenrette, the ex-wife of John Jenrette, the former U.S. House representative from South Carolina convicted of bribery.

"It was tough ... I mean the troopers did not fair well at all," Lynch says. "The audience was hostile, they were merciless. It just proves these troopers have no credibility."

Lynch says audience members put the troopers on the hot seat for being "money hungry." He says that like the audience he too is tired of all the scandals. It wasn't that the audience was full of Clinton supporters, Lynch says, "a lot of people are just tired of the nonsense."

He adds, "Oh, I was beating them up, too. It was heated. I pointed out the insurance fraud, and Gennifer Flowers even came up ... I mean, for someone who had a 12-year affair with our president, she didn't even know he had allergies."

Lynch says he'll keep the public posted on the show's airing, which should be within a week or so.

So how does Lynch feel about TV talk shows now?

"Oh, I think the 'Geraldo' show is much, much improved," Lynch says jokingly. "I have a much better view of the whole thing."



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