Bahn: NCAA Appeal Denied, But No Denying Impact Michael Dyer Has Had On Red Wolves

by Chris Bahn  on Friday, Jul. 6, 2012 3:05 pm  

Michael Dyer may never suit up for Arkansas State in a game. Still, his presence is valuable for the Red Wolves. (Photo by Jeff Hankins)

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Michael Dyer won’t play for Arkansas State in 2012. If we’re being honest, there’s a chance Dyer might never play a down for the Red Wolves.

Still, ASU has benefited tremendously from his transfer. Even if the guy never plays a down and jumps to the NFL in 2013, his presence has been big — in multiple ways — for Coach Gus Malzahn and Arkansas State.

It starts with this: anybody got a better candidate for best scout team player in America?

Facing Dyer, the best freshman running back at Auburn since Bo Jackson, will make the defense better prepared for the caliber of player it will see this season, particularly Sept. 1 at Oregon and Sept. 15 at Nebraska. Beyond that, Dyer knows the offense Malzahn is installing and can be of service as teammates try to learn the plays and pace of the coach’s Hurry-Up, No-Huddle.

Dyer’s 2011 BCS title game offensive MVP honor came against the Ducks. He’ll be able to offer some insight into what the team is facing when it opens the season against a program that will likely figure into the national title race again this year.

That is just the start of where this move made sense for Malzahn and the Red Wolves.

There are a handful of ways that a program like Arkansas State can make national news: Having a promising young coach leave for the SEC after a 10-win season and replacing him with the best known/highest paid offensive coach in the country will get national eyeballs on your little-known program.

Beyond that you’re looking at scandal/arrest, huge upset or embarrassing loss as your surest way into the headlines.

Know what else can help?  Adding a five-star recruit, a guy who ran for 1,000 yards in both of his seasons at Auburn.

Eventually, the new was going to wear off the Malzahn hire for big-time college football writers. Dyer, who was suspended indefinitely before leaving Auburn, helped keep the national focus on Jonesboro a little longer than usual. In fact, there is almost zero reason for anybody — even in Northeast Arkansas — to be talking about ASU football during the first week of July.

But we are. So are,, Dr. and a host of regional/national outlets.

Dyer-to-Arkansas-State was amped as a storyline in the days before national signing day. Undoubtedly the staff used the presence of a five-star joining the team as selling point to other recruits, 18 of which are ranked three-star or higher by at least one recruiting service. That’s unheard of at ASU and while much of the credit goes to the coaches, Dyer helped.



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