Governor Beebe on the 10th Work-life Balance Award

by Gov. Mike Beebe  on Monday, May. 14, 2012 12:00 am  

Gov. Mike Beebe

Dear Fellow Arkansans:

We all share the challenge of achieving balance in various aspects of our lives. We want to be productive, efficient, valuable employees, but we also want to have available quality time in our personal lives to spend with our families and friends, to pursue interests of our own, and to participate in community and civic activities.

My mother worked hard at home and as a waitress, so I know firsthand the difficulty she had trying to balance the various components of her life. Ginger and I have faced the same challenges while raising our family. I am sure these are similar to the pressures in your lives as you juggle the many obligations you have at work and with children and parents, while also trying to keep afloat in difficult economic times.

Because this balance is so important, the Governor’s Office has sponsored the Work-Life Balance Awards for more than a decade. This annual ceremony celebrates companies that focus on the needs of their employees, ultimately strengthening their workers, their businesses and our State. The companies we will honor at this year’s awards luncheon exemplify excellence in their commitment to recognizing the needs of employees, while also being active partners in ensuring that those needs are met.

More and more company executives are using innovative approaches to achieve a positive balance between work and home. By instituting positive policies, providing solid benefits, and designing motivating incentives, they also create company loyalty and provide more peace of mind for their employees.

Please join me in celebrating the work and creativity of the businesses represented here, while also exploring ways to enhance Arkansas companies, whose success ultimately depends on that of our workers. It is their success, on the job and at home, that makes us a stronger State. Congratulations to each of the outstanding winners of the Governor’s Work-Life Balance Awards. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.


Mike Beebe



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