Thanks to Millage Increase, Projects Under Way to Address Conway's School Needs

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Nov. 21, 2011 12:00 am  

The construction projects for Conway Public Schools, which will provide needed additional space for students and teachers, are being conducted in a sustainable manner.  

At peak capacity – the time during construction when most of the electricians, mechanics, plumbers and other tradesmen are on site simultaneously – there will be approximately 120 to 150 workers on site at the new elementary school location and 175 to 200 workers on site at the high school.

Gordon added that the construction projects are sustainable — from the design elements and materials used in the buildings to the disposal of construction materials.

“Both buildings will have exterior walls and roof systems that exceed installation standards,” Gordon said. “Windows will be high-performance glazing to cut energy consumption, and the HVAC and other mechanical systems will provide 30 percent more energy efficiency than standard systems.”

“There will be multiple levels of lighting in the buildings, which will be operated by occupancy sensors to conserve electricity. Efforts are also being made to conserve water through low-flow toilets and faucets.”

Nabholz Construction is partnering with Conway Public Schools and Waste Management to separate building materials on site to prepare for recycling.

“This will drastically reduce the amount of waste that will be sent to a landfill,” Gordon said. “Furthermore, the money saved by recycling will go back to the school district.”

As another part of the 2012 plan, Sallie Cone Elementary will be transformed from an elementary school into a preschool and an adult education center. This will consolidate the 11 preschool classrooms in the Conway School District into a central location. The original wings of the building will provide space for preschool classrooms, and the back wing of the building will house the Conway Adult Education Center, which is currently located on Robins Street.

Murry said that this project does not have a significant dollar amount, as there will be no major changes made to the building.

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