From the Leadership Arkansas Program Coordinator Susie Marks

by Susie Marks  on Monday, Jul. 25, 2011 12:00 am  

Susie Marks

Little did I know when I walked into the Arkansas State Chamber/AIA offices on May 1, 2006, that I would increase my network of friendships, business contacts and family by over 300 in five short years. All of this was accomplished by the introduction of Leadership Arkansas. Leadership Arkansas has helped the footprint of the Arkansas State Chamber/AIA grow as well.

Five years into its inception, Leadership Arkansas has inspired, educated and engaged more than 300 citizens to leverage the unique opportunities, and to understand the specific issues facing our great state. Through a unique nine-month education experience, Leadership Arkansas class members interact with top state officials, corporate and community leaders, educators and others who receive, deliver or make decisions and policy that affect services across our state.

Below are some direct benefits of participation in Leadership Arkansas:

Class members gain:

  • An inclusive network of colleagues and resources.
  • A broad understanding of state issues and developments.
  • A better sense of personal leadership potential and enhanced leadership skills.

Employers and sponsoring organizations acquire:

  • Employees connected to a diverse network of dynamic leaders.
  • Individuals with knowledge to discuss a variety of issues at the state and community levels.
  • Staff energized and motivated to apply program information to organization situations.
  • Leaders prepared to address issues and keep companies in action.

As we move past five years of success, we pledge to stick with our mission: “To build a strong, diverse statewide network of leaders with a shared commitment to connect our communities and to make Arkansas a better place in which to live and prosper.”

Leadership Arkansas is not just a class, it’s an experience. We look forward to taking you through our experience.


Susie Marks

Senior Vice President – Programs



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