Tablets Lead Charge in Classroom Innovation

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Jul. 16, 2012 12:00 am  

Apple Inc.'s iPads, above, and Apple Learning Labs are showing up in Arkansas' K-12 classrooms. (Photo by Apple)

Hinson said the school hasn't jumped quite as eagerly onto the iPad bandwagon because of some logistical problems.

"There are some strengths and weaknesses to tablets in classrooms," Hinson said. For example, iPads can use Apple TV to remotely display video on a larger screen. But the system needs a Wi-Fi signal to work, and the school's Wi-Fi network won't always be available. Plus, connecting the iPad to the video equipment with a normal cable eliminates the mobility of the iPad.

Basically, the school just needs to figure out how it can use the technology.

"The first part of our job is listening to what our faculty is trying to accomplish," Hinson said. "Then trying to sit and marry the right technology with the right pedagogy."



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