Little Rock Airport Unveils New Logo, Digital Advertising System

by Jennifer Ellis  on Tuesday, Jul. 24, 2012 4:51 pm  

The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport on Tuesday unveiled its new logo. Attending the event (from left): Little Rock Airport Executive Director Ron Mathieu and airport commissioners Virgil Miller, Jim Dailey and Jesse Mason. (Photo by Mary Lira)

The Clinton National Airport revealed its new logo Tuesday on a 24-foot-wide digital video wall that was recently installed as part of a contract with Clear Channel Airports of Allentown, Pa., to provide digital advertising for the airport.

Travelers will notice the video wall with its jumbo revolving ads and welcome sign as they descend from the second floor of the airport to the baggage claim area.

"This sends a powerful welcome to those who visit Little Rock, especially groups," said Shane Carter, the airport's director of public affairs and governmental relations. "We recognize that we are the front door to those who come to the state and we want to make sure that those who travel here feel welcome, and this is one way that we can do that."

Clear Channel Airports paid $265,000 for the video wall and additional improvements including retrofitted baggage carousel displays, in-terminal digital advertising and touch-screen digital service centers. The improvements benefit the airport in a couple of ways, said Scott Appnel, a spokesman for Clear Channel Airports.

"They get the esthetic upgrade at no cost to them, and on top of that a significant percentage of all the advertising sales that this generates goes to the airport authority for them to use for whatever they need," he said. "In the airport financial world, non-airline revenue is huge to keep the airport fiscally responsible, and this generates a lot of revenue for them."

The airport is expected to earn "the greater of a maximum annual guarantee of $160,000 or 50 percent of gross revenue on traditional advertising sales and 40 percent of technology advertising sales," Carter told Arkansas Business in June.

So far, there are 27 advertisers from national companies to Little Rock's own St. Mark Baptist Church contracted to do advertising on the new video wall, but that number is expected to increase now that Clear Channel Airports has more than drawings and a concept to entice customers, said Appnel.

"It's an incredible opportunity to reach the millions of people who enter our state through the airport," Carter said. "We have approximately two million passengers each year and for those who come through the airport, it's a good way for Arkansas businesses to be able to allow those passengers to see a bit of what they have to offer.

"I think that especially with the upgrades of technology here, you are not only seeing digital opportunities for advertisers, which can make their messages more dynamic, but at the same time you are also seeing an environmentally friendly program that is using less energy and overall, I think it's a win-win situation for everyone," Carter said.

The airport's new logo, which was designed by Eric Rob & Issac of Little Rock, comes after the official name change to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in March.

"This new icon reinforces the Clinton name as it creates a very powerful bold 'C' that is interwoven by two jet contrails that are formed to represent both President and Secretary Clinton and symbolize their unique partnership," said Carter.



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