Wood Increasingly Used In School Construction

by Jan Cottingham  on Monday, Jul. 23, 2012 12:00 am  

Builders of El Dorado High School used wood throughout the building. According to Woodworks.org, wood lowers a building's cabon footprint through "avoided" greenhouse gas emissions.

Unsurprisingly, Anthony is a big proponent of the use of wood in construction. "Arkansas is blessed with forests," he said. "And what you want to do is grow the forests by making them more economically valuable.

"If Arkansas has a strategic advantage with forests, how do you exploit it?" he asked. The answer: You harvest trees to produce, among other things, construction materials.

And "if you're exploiting it, you're employing more people; you're making more product to send to other states that don't have the forest resources to use and [you're] importing money. It makes timberland worth investing in and replanting worth investing in for the long term. And it makes for a greener Arkansas in the long term. I've kind of got this Johnny Appleseed complex. I like to see trees planted."

(To read more about the environmental benefits of wood use in the new El Dorado High School, click here.)



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