[Video] BBC Crew Catches Up With Jonesboro's 90-Year-Old Pole Valuter Dr. William Bell

by Chris Bahn  on Friday, Aug. 3, 2012 3:07 pm  

Dr. William Bell of Jonesboro is still pole valuting at 90. (Photo by BBC)

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Small towns and out of the way places are often breeding grounds for big-time athletes.

That’s the hook for a recent BBC feature during Olympic coverage. A crew from the BBC even made its way to Bell Athletics, a pole vaulting factory located just outside of Jonesboro.

Olympian Jeremy Scott has been training with Earl Bell, a former bronze medal winner. Other Olympians and Olympic hopefuls have been through Bell athletics.

Interesting as that story is, the BBC also came upon a story that is well known to folks in Jonesboro, but perhaps not as much outside of the town.

Dr. William Bell, Earl’s father, is still pole vaulting at 90 years old. Bell is  the world record holder for his age group.

“How hard could it be to be a world record holder in his age group,” a few of you might ask.


As TotalProSports.com puts it: “Whatever excuse you had lined up for not going to the gym after work today just got shot to hell, didn’t it?”



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