Acxiom's Nada Stirratt: Data Is in Her Blood

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Aug. 20, 2012 12:00 am  

Nada Stirratt has worked major online brands including MySpace and AOL, as well as MTV Networks and Moviefone.

"Data is everywhere," she said. "It's the analytics and modeling that sits on top of big data."

That analytic side is where Acxiom comes in, and Stirratt said the company works through the "rings and rings and rings" of data to make sense of it, and she has to help customers understand exactly what that means to them.

"That's where it gets interesting," she said. "That's the part which is quite hard."

Stirratt lauded Acxiom's "relentless focus" on its clients, and its deep relationship with those clients, some of which have been with Acxiom for decades.

"If you think about what's core to Acxiom, it's providing data for marketers and providing data for their customers," she said. "If you think of that as the core of what we do, more customers are digital right now. So what we have to do is get clients to the best place to reach their customers. Whether that's offline, or online, we can do both. I think we're at a seminal time for data. Marketers are using data to drive their businesses, I would argue, like never before."



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