Arkansas Capital Corp.: 55 Years and Still Growing

by Mark Friedman  on Monday, Aug. 27, 2012 12:00 am  

Walls left his job as a business consultant at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville to lead ACC.

“It was a classic turnaround scenario, with one exception,” Walls said. “It wasn’t broke; it just didn’t have any business.”

He then started marketing the company. And the “SBA guarantee began with me,” he said. One of the big turning points for ACC came in 1989 when SBA officials approached Walls with a proposal to handle an SBA program that provides capital for a project but takes a second position behind the first lender, typically a bank.

That division became Six Bridges Capital Corp., and it has provided $220.7 million worth of loans in its history.

Other diverse entities followed.

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By 2012, ACCG HAD provided $488.6 million in capital for projects that totaled $1.23 billion. The company also has grown to 35 employees. When Walls took over 23 years ago, there were only three.

Walls has been rewarded with a total compensation package worth $384,675 in 2009, which A year later had jumped to $435,772, according to ACC’s tax filings. “The recent amounts reported on the IRS forms are misleadingly inflated by the inclusion of some deferred compensation that relates to his full 20-plus years of service to the ACC that had to be funded … in the last few years of his tenure,” Arkansas Capital Corp. Chairman Rush Deacon said in a statement that Walls read to Arkansas Business. “This funding was completely contingent upon the achievement of certain company performance objectives, and I’m pleased to note that ACC has meaningfully exceeded those targets.”

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Stories From ACC

Cary Martin said he started working with ACC in 2003 as he prepared to start his business, Little Rock Tours.

Martin said ACC helped secure a Small Business Administration loan as well as funding for the tour bus he needed to launch his business.



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