KATV Makes a Sweep of the July Nielsens

by Kate Knable  on Monday, Aug. 27, 2012 12:00 am  

The local news shows of KATV-TV, Channel 7, of Little Rock beat every directly competing show in the July household ratings from Nielsen Media Research of New York.

 (Click here to view a PDF of the July household ratings and share data.)

“If you look at the overall share performances, pretty much across the board, we’re doubling our competition,” KATV General Manager Mark Rose said. “We’re very thrilled with what we’re doing. … The July performance has probably been the most dominant for us in the past two decades.”

On the other hand, KTHV-TV, Channel 11, saw its ratings fall in nearly every time category. KTHV fell behind KARK-TV, Channel 4, to a No. 3 spot at 5 a.m., 6 a.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

KTHV beat KARK only at noon, where KTHV was No. 1, and at 10 p.m., where KTHV was No. 2 behind KATV.

“It appears the recent challenges that the audience measuring service has experienced contributed to increased volatility in their ratings depiction,” KTHV General Manager and President Michael Caplan said in a statement. “The fluctuations seem inconsistent to viewing patterns and suggest caution in use.  We’re continuing to keep our focus on serving our customers and growing our product.”

Caplan referenced some data-gathering problems Nielsen acknowledged earlier this year. Nielsen apologized in June for publishing May numbers based on fewer than usual ratings diaries. TV viewers surveyed in the Little Rock market returned notably fewer diaries of their viewing habits for May than Nielsen’s gathering goal.

Chuck Spohn, general manager of KLRT-TV, Channel 16, said Nielsen’s problems from May seemed to have been cleared up for the July book.

“We had really seen some anomalies, but it looks like they have been resolved,” Spohn said.

He said he was pleased with how KLRT did in the July sweeps.

“Everything seemed pretty level and stable and [showed] reasonable growth in certain areas,” Spohn said.
KARK is not a Nielsen subscriber, so representatives of the station won’t comment on the ratings.

Each Nielsen household rating point represents 1 percent of the 571,630 households in the market. Each household share point represents 1 percent of the number of homes with TVs tuned into a station at a given time.



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