Bahn: Spare Blaming Smith Or The Razorbacks, This One's On Bobby Petrino

by Chris Bahn  on Sunday, Sep. 9, 2012 12:00 pm  

Arkansas fired Bobby Petrino in April. (Photo by AP)

But short-term personal pleasure was far more important to him than winning a national title. And it's the staff and players who are paying the price.

As if their lives hadn't been hellacious enough since the passing of teammate Garrett Uekman last November.

April brought a rash of player arrests, Petrino’s wreck and firing. Injuries are starting to mount for Arkansas, just two games into the season.

Mentally and physically that's a lot of life for these players and coaches to live.

Since the spring the team has said all the right things. They rejoiced in the hiring of Smith, who’d been an assistant the previous three seasons. They talked about being resilient and not buckling under the weight of all they’d been through.

Sure, it sounded good. You wanted what you heard to be true.

We weren’t hearing much following the loss to the Warhawks.

“Just ... . Wow ... ,” was all running back Knile Davis could initially muster when asked for his thoughts on the loss.

Davis later said there was time to salvage the season. Arkansas hasn’t played a conference game yet — that comes next week against No. 1 Alabama, winner of its first two games by a combined score of 76-14 — so the team can still salvage he season.

It sounds great. It does.

But at some point you have to wonder how much more this program can take. Is the season slipping away?

Will injuries to four starters further crack the foundation? Cornerback Tevin Mitchel and fullback Kody Walker were both carted off the field. Quarterback Tyler Wilson never came back at halftime. Fullback/linebacker Kiero Small was injured during a non-contact portion of a Wednesday practice.



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