Jim's Notebook: Matt Jones Now Settled In Central Arkansas, Talking Razorbacks

by Jim Harris  on Monday, Sep. 10, 2012 3:00 pm  

This story is from the archives of ArkansasSports360.com.

"I think I could have had a pretty good career playing in Europe," he said. "In the NBA, I don't know. I'm 6-6 and I played a 'four' [power forward position] in college. But had I played a full season after I had finished playing college football, who knows?"

Now, Jones said, he's working on his golf game and has gotten his handicap down to about a 6.

TV AND RADIO: Jones and his wife, Caroline, have settled in Central Arkansas, where Jones has landed a couple of gigs talking football.

He's on every Tuesday night with former Razorback quarterback Clint Stoener and Bazzel, who was a Razorback linebacker in the 1980s, on the Arkansas Sports Nation (KARZ, Channel 42, carried on Channels 9 and 436 via Comcast) at 10:30 p.m.

On Wednesdays, he rejoins Bazzel with Tommy Smith and Roger Scott on KABZ-FM 103.7 The Buzz's "The Show With No Name," which runs 6 a.m.-10 a.m.

No doubt both shows should be animated with insider talk about the Hogs' upset loss and their chances for their own upset of 'Bama this week.

DOWN MEMORY LANE: Bazzel arranged for several clips to be aired Monday featuring late Voice of the Razorbacks Paul Eells calling plays that highlighted Jones, including the "Miracle on Markham" pass to Decori Birmingham on 2002.

"That day, I was playing one of my worst games," Jones said. "I had only completed one or two passes and two times the ball had slipped out of my hands. It was my worst game with the best ending."

Jones completed two of three passes on an 80-yard drive in the final 40 seconds to win the game. LSU had kicked a field goal moments earlier to take a 20-14 lead. The Hogs had trailed 17-7 halfway through the fourth quarter.

"Two plays nobody ever talks about," Jones said. "On one, Fred Talley's touchdown run of about 60 yards. He broke about 13 tackles on that play, and I didn't think you could play with more than 11 on defense. It's one of my favorite runs of all time. The other, LSU had a third-and-3 and Tony Bua blltzed. He wasn't supposed to blitz but he did and he stopped them for no gain and they had to kick a field goal, and that gave us a chance to get the ball back and win."

Of course, Jones was impressive in a 2003 upset at Texas, a 38-28 Hog victory, as well as a big comeback that same season at Alabama that resulted in a 34-31 double overtime win.

"That was a great team," he said of the 2003 Razorbacks. "We just had a couple of untimely deals that cost us two games."

Jones was referring to a helmet-to-helmet penalty call on Bua in the waning minutes when Arkansas was in a furious rally to overtake Florida, as well as what Jones called a "phantom" holding call a week earlier against Auburn that wiped out his 80-yard touchdown that would have tied that game in the fourth quarter.



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