[VIDEO] Razorbacks Coach John L. Smith Would Like You to SMILE!

by ArkansasSports360.com Staff  on Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2012 6:00 am  

John L. Smith wants people to SMILE! (Photo by KTHV Video)

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Arkansas Coach John L. Smith entered the Raymond Miller Room at the Broyles Center on Monday, fresh off (another) one of the worst losses in Arkansas history.

But he sees no reason for solemn faces. At least not from media who gathered to ask follow-up questions about the Razorbacks’ 52-0 loss to Alabama and this week’s 6 p.m. game with Rutgers (3-0).

“Let’s go. You guys look like it’s — pick it up a little bit, OK? Get your chin up. SMILE! Smile! OK? Dang, you guys all right? If not, I'M NOT TALKING.”

Watch the video. The quote itself doesn’t really do the moment justice.

And if crazy uncle John L. can't make you smile, maybe lizhoney2u can brighten up your day.



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