Burger Combo Adds Up to $1.66 Million Sale

by George Waldon  on Monday, Sep. 24, 2012 12:00 am  

The 160,000-SF warehouse at 1900 E. Roosevelt Road, now under new ownership after a $1.4 million deal. (Photo by Mark Friedman)

The property was purchased for $555,000 in October 2007 from Andrew and Sarah Webre.

Kingwood Home

A 5,001-SF home in Little Rock's Kingwood Place neighborhood changed hands in a $600,000 sale.

Matthew and Kelly Steliga acquired the house from Matt and Pam Stone. The deal is financed with a 15-year loan of $417,000 and a 30-year home equity line of credit of $62,920 from Bank of America.

The residence previously was tied to an October 2011 mortgage of $410,000 and a July 2009 mortgage of $79,000 held by Bank of the Ozarks. The property was bought for $365,000 in July 2007 from James Rule and Anna Cox.

Canal Pointe House

A 2,646-SF home in Little Rock's Canal Pointe neighborhood is under new ownership after a $540,000 deal.

Spencer Andrews and Jennifer Purvis purchased the house from Joe Peacock. The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $417,000 held by Delta Trust Mortgage Inc. of Little Rock.

The residence previously was linked with a May 2004 mortgage of $333,700 held by Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp.

The property was acquired for $510,000 in May 2004 from Gene and Scarlett Cauley.

Prospect Terrace Abode

A 3,516-SF home in Little Rock's Prospect Terrace neighborhood rang up a $500,000 deal.

Patrick and Celeste Barker bought the house from Rachel Allen.

The property was purchased for $70,000 in October 1972 from O.A. and Stina Cook.



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