NanoMech Teams with KDH Defense Systems on Advanced Body Armor

by Mark Carter  on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012 8:39 am  

Springdale nanotechnology manufacturer NanoMech has announced a partnership with KDH Defense Systems to develop improved body armor for soldiers and law enforcement personnel.

NanoMech chairman and CEO Jim Phillips said the two companies have worked together in secret for the last two years through a Department of Defense grant.

In a Thursday morning news release, Phillips said NanoMech and KDH are working to complete development of an advanced structured coating, nGuard, specifically engineered for hard military armors which he said would significantly reduce premature damages to hard plates from handling and transportation in the supply chain.

"These novel coatings will have thousands of applications," he said.

KDH, based in Eden, N.C., is a major contractor for the Department of Defense. NanoMech, founded in 2002, is a University of Arkansas startup, portfolio firm of Fayetteville's Virtual Incubation Co., and a client firm of the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority and Innovate Arkansas.

"We pride our company not only on exceptional design expertise, but also on continuous process improvement. NanoMech's nGuard is the best bacteria resistant shield we have ever tested, and it is a perfect fit for our product portfolio," said KDH CEO Dave Herbener said in the release.

"We remain steadfastly focused on our mission to engineer and manufacture superior life-saving products. Utilizing the highest standards of quality control, nGuard integrates perfectly into our mission of excellence and superior products combined with unparalleled customer service."

Ajay Malshe, a UA researcher who founded NanoMech and serves as its CTO, said the technology behind the nGuard product eliminates bacteria, fungus and odor while retaining color fastness.

"Our patent-pending technology is inspired by unique but simple phenomena in nature," he said. "NGuard is bio-inspired, providing the most effective and safe method for bacteria removal."




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