5 Ways to Make Your Outings Memorable

by Sydney Phillips and Sam Smith  on Monday, Oct. 15, 2012 12:00 am  

Make it memorable.

While the company round of golf is an old standard, it isn’t necessarily exciting to everyone.

Choosing a creative theme or set of activities will help make the outing valuable and memorable for its participants. Branch out with activities that teach lessons everyone can take home. Debuhr recommended a cultural experience in which employees can learn a phrase in another culture’s language, receive CDs or playlists of that culture’s music and enjoy its food.

“These team-building activities are less traditional, but more engaging and encourage growth inside and outside the office,” she said.

Perhaps not everyone plays golf, but it is possible to hold an active outing for all.

Alan Sims, vice president of sales and services at the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, suggested trying zip lining, a group Segway tour or bike ride built around a company picnic as ways to promote attendee interaction and team unity.

Plan smart.

Don’t expect to have a successful outing with only two weeks of notice. Bookings and arrangements have to be made and employees have to be notified.

The more time you can give yourself and attendees, the better the chance of everyone getting what they want — participants have time to make arrangements, and logistical details are more likely to work out in your favor.

Sims emphasized the need to lock in the venue first, especially for larger outings.

“The best events are a result of careful planning and organization,” said Kathy Findley, meeting and events manager at Heifer International. “Pay attention to the details. Create a checklist of items needed, people to contact and reservations to be made, deadlines for deposits, contracts and guarantees.”

Have incentives.

Finally, why should employees come to your event? If you can’t think of anything better than making it mandatory, it’s time for a different approach.

If big prizes aren’t in the budget, simply making staff feel appreciated can go a long way. But most important is keeping your event interesting. Findley says Heifer International attracts attendees by making the outings fun and full of surprises.

Integrate a meaningful theme, a rewarding sense of camaraderie and fun-filled activities and you’re sure to have an event people will be talking about until next year.



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