ASU Speeds Up Prep for Thursday Game on ESPNU

by Staff  on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012 10:41 am  

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ASU prefers a fast tempo on offense and defense, but the speed with which the preparation has to happen this week is fast even for the Red Wolves as they prepare to play at Florida International on Thursday.

Texas A&M didn’t do much to take Arkansas wide receiver Cobi Hamilton away from quarterback Tyler Wilson. As a result Hamilton finished with 11 catches for 162 yards. It was a nice stat line, but Wilson said the pair should have connected more in the 58-10 loss.

It took awhile for John L. Smith to think of something the Razorbacks have improved upon since the beginning of the season. Eight seconds, as a matter of fact.

Auburn quarterback Kiehl Frazier returns to his home state and  faces a vulnerable Arkansas secondary on Saturday that other quarterbacks have been picking apart to the tune of 400 yards lately, give or take a few. Will the 1-3 Tigers have the same luck?

And with disappointments framing this week, there is a place in Arkansas where winning still lives on. Head down to Clark County were two college teams and two high school teams enjoy a combined 19-0 record.



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