Bahn: Next Razorback Football Coach Facing 'Challenges,' Including 2013 Schedule

by Chris Bahn  on Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 9:30 am  

Arkansas' next coach inherits a team without quarterback Tyler Wilson and other significant playmakers. And perhaps the most difficult schedule in the country. (Photo by Mark Wagner)

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As we know firsthand from watching the Razorbacks, there is nothing that guarantees the teams performing well this season will be as good next year. Arkansas has taught us all how drastically things can change from season to season.

Even in an area where the Razorbacks seem to come out a winner on the schedule, they lose. After a few years of lobbying the SEC, the league agreed to move Alabama to later on the schedule. It’s something Bobby Petrino had talked publicly about wanting to do.

Finally, the league obliged. Arkansas gets the Crimson Tide later in the year, but that game happens to fall as part of a five-game stretch of currently ranked opponents.

This schedule is — say it with me — a challenge.

Long wasn’t speaking specifically to the 2013 games earlier this week. But he sure could have been and he’s right that the new coach won’t have it easy.

“If they’re interested in a challenge, if they’re a competitor, if they want to play and beat the very best, we’ve got a lot to offer,” Long said. “We’ve got the resources and the facilities around them and the team around them to be successful.”



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