North Little Rock City Leaders Promote Utility Line Warranties

by Kate Knable  on Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 12:00 am  

Alderman Maurice Taylor of North Little Rock pushed for an agreement with Service Line Warranties of America. His constituents “have nothing but good to say” about the warranties offered, Taylor said.  (Photo by Michael Pirnique)

Service Line Warranties has negotiated agreements similar to North Little Rock’s with 146 cities in 28 states, including Atlanta and the Dallas suburb of Plano.

Matthew Marchant, mayor of another Dallas suburb, Carrollton, observed SLWA’s work for about one year, but his city ended its agreement with the company last summer. Carrollton has 125,000 residents.

No one in Carrollton complained about SLWA as a company or its products, Marchant said.

Some did express concern, however, saying they didn’t think a city should be involved in marketing a company.

“I actually was not in favor of the agreement from the get-go,” Marchant said. “It’s not a reflection on the company. Philosophically, I do not believe the city should be using its logo to benefit one company. When a municipality communicates with its citizens, I think there’s a special relationship there.”



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