Mobile Revolution Sweeps Up Small Business

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 12:00 am  

Google Inc.'s GoMo helps businesses quickly build and optimize their websites for mobile access. (Photo by Google)

Hill said reluctance to implement mobile redirection is usually because of lack of resources - not all web developers can design for mobile devices - or fear of costs. Full websites can cost thousands of dollars, so I.M. Marketing relies on a low-cost, quick-turnaround model.

The company thrives on the idea that businesses without mobile sites are losing customers. Google backs that idea: It reported that 61 percent of smartphone shoppers will move to a different site if they don't see what they're looking for immediately, and 81 percent prefer mobile sites to dedicated apps for price research.

Google has made it crystal-clear that it favors mobile-optimized sites. Last year, it limited ad serving on certain mobile devices if they pointed to sites with heavy Flash usage. Flash isn't compatible with Apple's mobile devices.

"This was an initial step taken to improve the experience for mobile users," the article stated.

To urge users towards optimization, it launched "GoMo," a free mobile site builder, last year.

Most importantly, Google says that by 2013, more people will be using their phones than their computers to browse. That's the revolution.



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