Thinking About Consistent Customer Experiences (Karrh On Marketing)

by Jim Karrh  on Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 12:00 am  

Jim Karrh

What are the important elements of the customer experience at your organization?

Think of those critical customer decision points and concentrate your detective work there.

Research - including customer surveys, mystery shopping or analyses of online commentary - can certainly pay for itself many times over. One note of caution, however: If you need to manage the way small details are executed, then your detective work will necessarily need to include the small stuff. Companies that rely solely upon aggregated customer satisfaction survey results to manage their customers' experiences tend to miss the occasional exposed wires that might steer customers off track.

(Jim Karrh, Ph.D., of Little Rock is a marketing consultant, researcher, speaker and author. See or email him at



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