10 Years Later, Case of M. David Howell's Ponzi Scheme Nears End

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 12:00 am  

M. David Howell Jr.

On May 31, the distribution formula for $1,999,820 from the estate was approved by Judge McGowan, and Robin Mays wrote out the 59 checks by hand.

For her work over the past 10 years, Mays has been paid $100 or $150 an hour, depending on whether she was acting strictly as administrator or also assisting in legal research.

"I have learned a bunch," Mays said. "It came from all sides that you were not expecting. I think a lot of lawyers got hit from a lot of angles that they weren't expecting."

During that time, she also formed some opinions about M. David Howell Jr., a man she never met in life, and she is surprisingly generous.

"There's nobody else in the schmear that believes this: I just can't believe he started off to do it, mainly because these were his friends and his really close business partners.

"Now, there are facts that dispute this, but I just can't believe anyone would do this [deliberately]. I think he just couldn't tell them no and got way in over his head and couldn't find his way out."

"There are certainly arguments on both sides. I guess I just don't think anyone is that rotten." 



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