Springdale Manufacturer Wants Nano on Big Stage

by Rob Keys  on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 11:14 am  

Big things are happening at NanoMech Inc.

The Springdale-based nanotechnology manufacturer officially has opened a national investment round aimed at raising about $5 million, and soon will announce an expansion that includes a new, $1.3 million building adjacent to its existing facility. The Springdale Chamber of Commerce will orchestrate a groundbreaking ceremony for the new 11,000-SF building — which will feature a roughly 70-30 split of factory and corporate headquarters space — later this fall.

The building is expected to be completed within three to five months, and will alleviate overcrowding of both employees and equipment at NanoMech’s current 8,000-SF manufacturing space.

“Every inch has been taken up,” CEO Jim Phillips said during a recent tour.

Phillips also said the new facility will “be principally for the production of nGlide and TriboTuff.”

A suite of additive lubricants designed to reduce friction and enhance durability and performance, nGlide includes products such as TriboTuff and nTribo. TriboTuff is added to grease, while nTribo is an additive for motor oil that NanoMech expects to begin marketing later this year.

“It’s almost like discovering an oil field in Arkansas,” Phillips said. “This changes everything.”

“If I take the oil and I extend the life of it 10 years or 100 years, I’ve just re-invented the oil,” added Ajay Malshe, NanoMech’s founder, executive vice president and chief technology officer.

“Using the science for the good of humankind is the end game.”


Immediate Plans

Before NanoMech can ramp up its production of its nGlide platform products, however, it must wait for the construction of its new facility. In addition to the new building, a water feature will be added to give the two facilities more of a “campus” feel, Phillips said.



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