Springdale Manufacturer Wants Nano on Big Stage

by Rob Keys  on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 11:14 am  

The company currently employs 25, but both Phillips and Malshe said that number could grow to 100 in 2013. NanoMech already has added a night shift, and is expecting increased demand for its newer products like TriboTuff and nTribo.

“Today we could walk into AutoZone, and every lubricant up there, we can improve,” Phillips said. “Every single one we can improve drastically.”

Phillips declined to give specific figures for the privately held company, but said NanoMech continues to record “revenues in the millions.”

Those revenues have been bolstered by the success of products such as TuffTek, a coating with applications for a variety of cutting tools and wear parts. Moving into the oil and grease industry with products like those in the nGlide suite, though, opens a significantly larger market.

“That might be a $50 billion market, cutting tools. This is kind of immeasurable,” Phillips said of oil and grease.

Thus the need for the national investment round, which will be NanoMech’s second in the past 18 months.

“That money went into both research and development, and production, and that’s where it’s supposed to go,” Phillips said. “The next round is going into sales and marketing — production jobs and sales and marketing jobs.”



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